Live Brief

As seen in the images below, I have been working on The Friends of Priory House and Gardens website. This is my first time creating a website for a client on

I have been using their new salient theme which comes with woo commerce add-ons, Google Maps and Analytics, Nectar sliders and new aesthetics such as a box-roll and parallax header. At first I just played around on the website and tried to figure out how to create a page and add images. I struggled to find the box-roll header options and made a  nectar slider by accident. For those that are new to this like me, The box- roll and parallax header are situated under page header settings which appears every time you create a page.

I learnt how to find the longitude and latitude of Priory and add them into Google maps so as to give a visual representation of where Priory House and Gardens are located. I logged onto their original website and used their word content to fill in my website and make sure it stays in line with who the Priory are and what they want.

I have now learnt how to create images with links to their original pages, I have learnt how to colour the background and personalise the website to make it look good. I have learnt how to set paypal up on the website and how to create web’s.

I am currently still working on the layout and content of the website and should have it up and running soon.

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Characteristics and Context in Media and Communication.

Of Gods and Men

I have conducted my research into codes and conventions, my secondary research for each article and mapped out my ideas. I have completed three surveys for my articles. I need to upload each survey and summarise the findings for each. Next I will create a mood board for my mainstream and Independent articles publications and i will analyse the typeface, mast headings and things like content and layout. I will then decide on my font for each article and provide a summary for each font chosen.

I will then research into the demographics and the audience profile for my independent and mainstream article and decide how to apply this knowledge in each article.

Once completed I can develop my articles by the means of drafts and evaluating the drafts until I come to my final piece. I will design each articles layout and provide images and diaries on the process.

When the final pieces are complete, so I will do the evaluations for each piece and the over-all evaluation.

My deadline is the 27th of November.