Media Production

Central Bedfordshire College

  Synopsis: outline your story in a few short lines. Genre, characters and any other key information should be placed here.
  The idea for my FMP is to create an educational board game to raise awareness about Global Warming. I plan to base it on the board games of Monopoly TM and Risk TM. There will be all the different continents on the game board and the treasure chest and other cards will have questions that each team needs to answer correctly on global warming. Once a team has answered enough questions correctly they will win a continent. They will have certain challenges or charade games to complete with the opposite team to get rid of the factory tokens on their continent. These will be replaced by winning tree tokens and a team will lose their continent if they answer enough questions wrong that there are only factories left, the continent will then flip over and an image with bits of information showing what the continent will be and look like if we don’t stop climate change will be on the other side. This game is to emphasize the countries that are helping with global warming and those that are a hindrance. The main aim is to make an educational piece that is still fun and will interest family members of most ages.
  Audience: describe the target audience for your product. Use precise terms where applicable to ensure that your intention is clear.
  Primary Audience: As this will be quite a light-hearted game I believe that the ages for my game should be 14 years and above as the questions may be too advanced for a younger audience.

Both males and females would play the game as games like Monopoly and just board games in general have an audience of family members of all ages.

The location of my audience would be the United Kingdom mainly as it will be where I am making the board game and the UK is active in trying to combat Climate change.

The Socio-economic scale for my game would be between B and D as I don’t believe those in category A would find the satire funny as they are part of the people in the UK that my article is directed toward, and my article isn’t nice to them. I also believe that those in the E category would not be interested in it, as it is a game about politics.

Secondary Audience: My secondary audience would be much the same except for the fact that they would be the people that get roped into playing the game when going over to friends houses. They could fall into the E and A categories and would not necessarily have to be in the UK as the game could be given as a gift or interest other countries that are affected by Global Warming. A younger audience may be playing the game as well, for the parents that want their children educated on the matter.

  Schedule: Indicate a plan of how your time will be invested within the production. You should include key dates and the three stages of production.
  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday  
16th-22nd Create Design Brief and fill out health and safety forms, a risk assessment and any legal and ethical considerations to consider


discussion of typography and images to be used on blog and short write up to add to file mock ups of design


drafts of copy and

evidence of meetings and communication trails to add to file


test printing or testing and create and add to file the budget control, equipment booking evidence and evidence of studio booking


23rd-29th Create board game rules surrounding the Global Warming Create the game board on InDesign Create the dice for the board game an continue working on the board Create the playing pieces for the board game Create the   playing cards for the board game on InDesign  
30th-5th Continue working with the rules Get people to play and get feedback. Think of ways to improve game Work on the final game rules and concepts Create rule booklet for the game Focus group after getting feedback of game from class  
6th-12th Add finishing touches to the game cards and dice Add finishing touches to the playing pieces and rules Add the finishing touches to the board for the game Print everything off. Laminate the boards and cards and box it all up. Hand in date for project. Present the board game  
13th-17th Evaluation








Evaluation hand in


  Budget: This should be an initial breakdown and should represent an estimated budget plan rather than an exact cost analysis.
Media Production

Central Beds College

Budget Control Sheet

Production title: Milieu

Item Cost per day/hour Number & days/hours required Cost
Adobe InDesign £115 PD 5 Days £575.00
Clay £5.00 10 Days £5.00
Cardboard £5.00 10 Days £5.00
Paint £5.00 10 Days £5.00
Printing £0.50 per Colour sheet 1 day – 30 Sheets £15.00
Spare game pieces     £5.00
    Total £610.00
  Technical Requirements: List the equipment that you intend to use, highlighting any key items that are specific to your production, a jib arm for example.
  1.     Adobe InDesign Software on the Mac to create the layouts of the cards and boards.

2.     Word (2012) to type out all of my content.

3.     Cardboard to create the board and cards.

4.     Clay for creating the tokens and playing pieces.

5.     Paint to decorate the board and pieces.

  Cast and Crew: who will fulfill the roles within your production.
  Creator: Jessica Van Deventer

Designer: Jessica Van Deventer

Developer: Jessica Van Deventer

Writer: Jessica Van Deventer

Test the game and give feedback: Family and Friends


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