Risk assessment

Media Production                                                                                             Risk assessment sheet

Central Bedfordshire College

Location address: Central Bedfordshire College


Potential Hazard Type of risk presented Precautions needed to prevent harm Actioned
Whilst typing my essay I could spill my water or drink near the Mac. Data Loss Back up my work constantly and be responsible around the Mac and eat my lunch in a separate room  
If I don’t take regular breaks, I could hurt my eyes by looking at the Mac for too long. Lack of concentration Take a break every 45 minutes and try to split up the physical and mental works so it’s not all mental work one day and all physical the next.  
I could lose or have some of the pieces stolen whilst carrying them between locations Carelessness Extra vigilance, getting into the habit of checking what I have at the beginning of every session and then rechecking at the end.

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