Design Brief

TITLE Milieu

Can you save the world?


FORMAT Educational Board Game


WHAT ARE YOU PROVIDING IN THE FINAL DESIGN? 1.     Question and Answer cards

2.     Game Board of the world

3.     Country information cards

4.     Endangered animal cards

5.     Tree tokens

6.     Factory tokens

7.     Feet tokens for playing pieces

8.     1 Die

9.     Charade cards

10.  Death by global warming cards

11.  Challenge Cards

12.  Spinning wheel




A reading age from 12 and above, this will have intellectual questions and answers and the other features of the game which will be challenges with facts about global warming will be more informal as the game needs to be fun and friendly along with educational.

There will be a colourful spinning wheel to engage the children along with fun playing tokens and miniature tree and factory tokens.


GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF FORMAT The game will have a large board with a standard world map on it that shows the different geographical regions as well.The font for all the question cards etc. The font will be Calibri and a size 11 as it is a legible size and font and is still informal enough not too make it seem too boring.the spinning wheel will be bright and childlike to appeal to the younger audience.

—As this will be quite a light-hearted game I believe that the ages for my game should be 14 years and above as the questions may be too advanced for a younger audience.

—Both males and females would play the game as games like Monopoly and just board games in general have users of family members of all ages.

—The location of my audience would be the United Kingdom mainly as it will be where I am making the board game and the UK is active in trying to combat Climate change.

—The Socio-economic scale for my game would be between B and D as I don’t believe those in category A would find the satire funny as they are part of the people in the UK that my article is directed toward, and my article isn’t nice to them. I also believe that those in the E category would not be interested in it, as it is a game about politics.


Secondary Target Audience:

—My secondary audience would be much the same except for the fact that they would be the people that get roped into playing the game when going over to friends houses. They could fall into the E and A categories and would not necessarily have to be in the UK as the game could be given as a gift or interest other countries that are affected by Global Warming. A younger audience may be playing the game as well, for the parents that want their children educated on the matter.



MESSAGE OBJECTIVES This game is to raise awareness about Global warming and to change people’s attitude and approach toward climate change. This will be achieved by the fun challenges and the child-like play pieces and features such as the spinning wheel and die.


INSPIRATIONS The design is meant to be appealing to all ages so the box will be neutral but with beautiful photography of the world on it as the game is all about the world. The inspiration for my game is both Risk TM and Monopoly TM. The game will have an informal tone but will still be intellectual with loads of facts ad information littered across the board in a quirky manner.
POTENTIAL PROBLEMS —I could have a problem coming up with rules for the board game as they need to all work together and shouldn’t contradict themselves

—If I plan it all correctly and get as much feedback from others I will manage with the rules.

—The board game could be too difficult to play or to understand.

—I will take precautions before making anything set in stone, by getting friends and family to play the game with me until I get it to run smoothly by adjusting it whenever another problem arises.

—I may struggle getting my article to fit in with the game

—If I use the board game cards properly I can present the article in forms of the questions and the answers and the punishments or rewards after each round.

—The game could run fine, but be boring.

—Again, as long as I play with family and friends, I can get their feedback and apply it to my game to try and make it as enjoyable and educational as possible.

—Or the game could look tacky and unappealing if I run out of time.

—As long as I follow my schedule and dedicate 100% of my time to this project I know that I can achieve a good looking product.

—I am not confident with using InDesign and may struggle to create the board and cards on it.

—If I come into college on my days off, I can use the help of my lecturers to guide me and the more I use the program the more comfortable I will get with it.



OVERALL GOAL To create a fun and educational board game that will interest families in playing the game and educate them on climate change and how they can help. More importantly, it is to highlight the animals and plants in danger and the countries that aren’t doing anything to help.
DEADLINE 9th June 2016

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