Research Evaluation


I have decided to create a magazine for my FMP; I want to write three articles on three of the biggest issues facing 2016 along with some photography (both mine and borrowed) and then I wish to add a letter from the editor and a cover for the back and the front. My inspiration for this magazine is based on National Geographic magazines and will be named Milieu, which is a French word for environment.

I have conducted three surveys for my three topics. These helped me as I was able to gauge the general publics view on the issues I will be convening which are interesting and controversial.

For my global warming survey I found that people, whilst aware of global warming, are quite ignorant of it. Some believe it is neither good nor bad. In terms of demographics, the average person that answered my survey was a white female with varied ages. Almost half appeared to not have clear knowledge on what global warming actually is and varied their answers as to whether reducing global warming is more important than improving the economy. Most of the respondents were aware of global warming and categorised it as, as important as the economy. Fortunately almost all recycle and they blame an increase in CO2 emissions for the greatest cause of global warming. In my article I will address the different countries and their responses to climate change, I wish to share some interesting information on climate change and what it will mean for the future as I have been watching the videos that NASA posts on their website about climate change. Due to a clear lack in public knowledge of this topic, I want to take these interesting videos and educate the public about what it means to save the environment and what it will mean if we carry on as is. From my survey I have seen people’s ignorance on the matter and wish to put up a fight that it is not in fact, good.

I conducted secondary research and spent four full days reading as much information as possible on Global warming. I found articles on what the government is trying to do to slow down climate change, this lead me to protocols and measures being taken by other governments. I found the wording of these extremely tedious but I sat in complete silence and reread each document so that I could understand it all a bit better. I found NASA’s website with a wealth of knowledge on global warming and its causes and effects on our environment. I found myself watching them all and deciding which facts I wished to present in my article to make it more interesting. I found the videos informative and interesting and I’m not sure how I can make my article the same as it won’t be as visual as a video obviously, I plan to plan the article out and get as many opinions as possible to try to integrate into my ideas and give it a different look through my secondary research. I discovered that the developed nations are mostly to blame for climate change, as someone from a developing nation, I am concerned that I may sound quite prejudice whilst writing the article and rude about the West which is nether fair nor just, especially for an aspiring journalist. I will keep asking my friends and family for feedback to keep me in check. I have more videos on Youtube to watch, as there are so many aspects and angles to look at it from. I need to finish and log the Netflix documentary that Brian Cox stars in and where he speaks of and explains in depth what global warming is and how it has affected the planets Venus and Mars in different ways. I may incorporate this into my article, as it is not something common you often hear about global warming in general discussions.


In my Syria survey I did not have as many responses as the others but the same demographic as my global warming survey. They appeared to be split in half with their opinions of the refugee crisis, favouring Greece and the UK’s methods of dealing with the crisis. Most would not take in a refugee and are for the UK not helping and being stingy with how many and which refugees they help. The dates that they became aware of the war are when the war first happened and when the refugees started landing in the EU, this tells me that the only time the Western World takes notice of what’s going on around the world when it directly affects them. The only bit of information that was inconsistent with the rest is that almost all of the respondents agreed that the UK should take in migrants and that they don’t agree with the refugee camps are run. This will help me decide what approach to take in my article as I am all for helping the refugees and letting them in and it appears most people are either on the fence about it or completely against it. In conjunction with this information, I hope to make my target audience question their views, with a passionate article about the refugees and why we should help.

This has been the hardest research to do. The images of children struggling or drowned on beaches are heartbreaking. I chose this topic because it is something my housemates and I have been arguing over for months. I read into what ISIS is all about, I watched Youtube Videos explaining Syria and the crisis, in addition I found out what steps have been put into place to stop terrorism and to help the refugees, I felt it wasn’t sufficient and that I disagree with a lot of it. If I wished to write a moving article and still make sense I had to know the ins and outs of the matter so I read further into how the migrants travelled over and how the UK handled it all. This I disagreed with as well. I found this quite upsetting and had to read through some of the happy stories of refugees that have been taken I and are happy and I will have to really concentrate on not making this piece too conversational. I want to try not to bring myself into the article even though I have a very big opinion on it all. To add to this, I wish to deliver the facts and move the reader, not make them guilty and miserable. I still have many Youtube videos to watch on this topic and old newspaper articles to read about it all. I am concerned about how much of a grey area this all is. I hope that I can do this story justice and give the Syrian, Iranian and Afghanistan people a voice.


I conducted a survey on data security, as I wanted to just gauge what the average person’s experience is with the Internet and how trusting they are. The largest responses for my survey were from white females between the ages of 18 and 24. I found that nearly 50% of people who responded use online banking and they vary between using the Internet at home and work. More than 70% use online shopping often and are moderately confident in the security of it. They had mostly found viruses on their computer but had never been hacked which tells me that whilst there have been stories of hackers and people being scammed, it shows that if you take the proper precautions and are responsible about your data you should be fine. I plan to use this information in my article as I wish to educate others on the best ways to keep their online presence secure. I also would like to give a quick guide on how to make a secure password and what encryption is. The secondary research I conducted provided me with ample information on both topics and I wish to share it in a user-friendly manner. I also found from my survey that the most popular Antivirus software is Norton.

This is a topic that I am quite fired up about after the reports last year of the NIA snooping on people’s phones. Data security is a major issue in 2016 and what with Russia, China and North Korea’s laws on the Internet I am really excited to have an argumentative article on the topic. I have read through the laws and proposed laws about the Internet and I found that I have so many issues to address in my article that I didn’t know where to start. I decided to find the biggest, most in your face issues and try to find linking smaller issues so that it may all be mentioned. I found out about the organisation that is in charge of domain names and so forth and how Brazil is trying to share the responsibility of the Internet instead of letting America run it all and spy on everyone. I am extremely enthusiastic about this issue and once more I will have to let others proof read and give their opinion as to whether I am being to bias and aggressive. I read through websites, old newspaper articles and watched videos on YouTube giving a six-minute breakdown of what data security is and how the USA messed up.


In total I have done 6 days’ worth of research and will continue to add to my research log as the project continues. I have many newspapers, video clips and documentaries to watch and to find out more information on my topics. I feel prepared and excited for this project, as these are topics that I am interested in and doing the research for them has been a pleasure.




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