Project Proposal

Project Proposal

Jessica Van Deventer

29 April 2016


Section 1: Rationale

I started the course with just a basic knowledge of Word, PowerPoint and what little I knew of the Internet in terms of social media on a really slow Blackberry.

I am now well versed in using Word, PowerPoint and Excel as we write up schedules, proposals, and fill in our pre-production paperwork and evaluations with these programs. From when we had to make our music video as our first project I am able to use the DSLR to record footage comfortably with changing the aperture, shutter speed, ISO and white balance. When it came to editing I really furthered my knowledge in FinalCut Pro using the blade, arrow, learning how to add special effects such as flashes on screen, overlapping clips, creating the credits for the end of the clip, renaming all my footage and cutting the clips up to make a quick flowing scene. In our sound project I learnt how to use Soundtrack Pro in layering sound clips to a scene, ADR – dubbing in a voice to a scene and creating the foley to add to the scene.

Since I chose journalism in the beginning of this year I have explored InDesign and Photoshop. I use InDesign to create my article layouts, the blocks for the text, the guttering and spacing, the colours of the headings and the leading. I use Photoshop for basics, to test for different colours, to re-shape, add a filter, crop, and layer an image.

When we worked for real clients. I was in charge of the website creation, I learnt some basic coding, how to use WordPress Pro, HTML 5 and how it can work with logo’s and basic interactive activities. I learnt how to set up call to action buttons, create entire pages and blog pages. Whilst I enjoyed creating video and working in post-production, my favourite has always been journalism. I really enjoyed working with InDesign and using powerful photography to get my message across. My absolute favourite was experimental media and creating an abstract piece to give my article an even deeper impact. This is the kind of work I want to do and for the past year I have been writing articles and developing my essay writing skills and use of English. My goal has always been to travel to both dangerous and exciting places to report on stories that the rest of the world is unaware of, to take their blinkers off. My next goal is to get my blog off the ground so that I may write independent pieces that are interesting and will get me a decent readership.

Project Concept

My aim for my FMP is to create a piece that will intrigue and also carry across a no nonsense message to try making people wake up and listen. I have taken the journalist path for this project, for my project I will be creating a magazine with a front and back cover, letter from the editor (me) and then four articles on the issues that the world is facing today. I will be focusing on the environment and social issues. I wish to take my own photography for this piece and will use a friend in class to model. For the presentation I want to make a sensory box that has different pieces to trigger some of the senses (touch, smell, sight and sound).

For this project I will be setting up a survey for each article that will be on my social media sites to get as many responses as possible. For the rest of my research I plan to use magazine and newspaper articles, websites, books such as national geographic and documentaries such as those made by David Attenborough.

To complete this project I will require Photoshop to edit my photo’s, Adobe InDesign to create the layout of my magazine, word for my drafts and final articles and the DSLR to take my photos.


I plan to do my project solo, I may use a member of my class as my model for the photographs I’m taking and will use Temi as she is punctual and understands the natural poses I would want, we have worked together before and she is very reliable. In addition, I will be using my action plan to document what I need to get done each day and then to reflect on whether I achieved my goals each day and how I am progressing. I’ll use this to track my progression. I will use a research log to record all of the research I am doing, even if I don’t use the information. I will use Harvard referencing for the official research used and this will be in my research log. I plan to blog as I work on my FMP, this will include pictures of myself working, my locations and any significant parts of the project I have completed so that I may discuss my development and see where I can improve.

I feel that I have improved with my use and knowledge of the Mac’s software and hardware and am more comfortable with thinking up creative ideas as I have the confidence now to know I can create something that is good. I hope this shows in my FMP.


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