Interview Evaluation

—GOOD NEWS, I have been told that my interview went really well and that I would receive a second round interview. The interview was conducted upstairs by my lecturer and I. The positive points made were that I walked into the room with confidence, I shook David’s hand and when I sat down I had a good posture with my back straight, my hands on the table – not fidgeting and I was attentive and smiling throughout.

—I did not fluster, look bored or openly say when I didn’t know something. Instead I would ask for my interviewer to elaborate on the question and then answer to the best of my ability. I was dressed appropriately and on time for the interview. I provided the right C.V and cover letter. However, I was not realistic as I asked for £11-£12 000 per year which would not be sufficient to travel to London and back, I should have asked for a salary closer to £20 000 per annum.

—I was complimented that I showed enthusiasm throughout the interview and that my face beamed when I spoke of my previous jobs and that I was able to think on my feet and come up with examples and answers to every curveball. I had a professional approach and ensured that the skills I spoke of were relatable to the job requirements.

—The biggest bonus was that when asked where I saw myself progressing to, I mentioned that I would like to stay in the company and grow and that when certain types of responsibilities I wanted to further myself in wouldn’t be available, I remained calm and enthusiastic about it. This showed that I was looking for a career, not just another job.

—My downfall was that I didn’t have a portfolio on hand and my business card wasn’t 100% perfect yet. A few words were thrown my way and the only word I didn’t pick up on before the interview, which I should have as it was mentioned at least four times in the applications was the word transcoding. I do know what this is, I just didn’t mention it or look up what the word actually meant which isn’t good.

—I feel that I did really well in my interview, in the way that I carried myself, but I definitely need to start a portfolio with all my work in to show to prospective interviewers, in addition I need to finish my business card and be more knowledgeable about certain words used in the job description, and more realistic about salaries and hours because under quoting myself won’t pay the bills or get me to work on the expensive trains to London.

Advertisements, My experience so far.

The time has come that the website, my baby, is to be given away. On Friday the 4th of March, my class and I met with our clients to show them what their new website could look like and to finish up their interviews.

the good news is, they loved the website and want to make it live!!!

I was given a few points to change, i.e. – The underlining i did in some articles looked tacky to them and i was asked to remove it. It was brought to my attention that the name of their important paintings has changed from Tudor to Jacobean and that they are not connected to the Priory church as such, which meant all of my header images (which were of the church) have had to be removed.

I’ve got a few things to still do, in that I need to find out what events they have that need to be uploaded onto their updates page, profiles of their employees and I need to upload the trailers and clips we have made. I still need to find out what font they’d like and I have been asked to change their logo back to its original.


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I have created a portfolio for their gate project, which they liked.

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Above, I’ve shown the parallax effect, the call to action buttons, nectar short code buttons and the websites main page that I have created since.