WordPress.org Version 4.2 – My experience working with it.

Live Brief

For my live brief at college we have been helping the local Priory House and Gardens in advertising and sprucing up their social media and websites. My job has been creating the website. I have been using WordPress.org Version4.2, this being their latest update up until the second of Feb which saw the release of their new security and maintenance Release version 4.2.2.

In my last post I discussed how the website builder worked and showed some of the new skills that I had learnt from creating my new website. Since then, I have obviously learnt more, and definite easier ways of doing things.


With the help of Photoshop and the incredibly gifted with all computer things guy- Bryan, I now have a logo for the website. My class worked hard on a 3D Rendering of The Priory House and Gardens which I was able to upload to the website as seen above. I used this for the fund-raising side of the website with the gate that we are fund-raising for and then a progress bar beneath it showing how much money has been raised so far. In addition, I have learnt how to create a call to action button which is to get people to donate for the making of the gate.


I am able to create testimonials now where my clients are able to either show case their comments on the website or interesting facts and if their clients would like to be shown off on the website they are able to do so. The pink box above is where the client pictures and profiles can be placed. I have linked the social media accounts to the website as well.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I have been working on making the website more aesthetically appeasing by using text boxes with icons that are relevant and a toggle pad that allows the viewer to shrink and open up text boxes and how to add nectar short code buttons so that when clicked they will lead to articles and so forth.


I have added widgets to the bottom of each page with a search bar to look through the website, the menu to visit different pages, recent posts and a calendar to show off events.


There are now boxes where the readers are able to view anyone who works on the websites profile.

My only complaint is that if I do wish to have this logo on the website, it means that as you scroll down, it sticks to the screen the entire way down.

Altogether I would say that this is one of the most user-friendly website builders that I have used. Even  when code is necessary, there are short-codes available to help users whom have no experience in writing code. I would say there are one or two glitches in that I can save a page and it won’t save the changes I have made occasionally and it is very easy to change one setting that seems irrelevant and it be one that actually affects the entire website. So be careful and mindful of changes that you have made and always save twice.



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