Experimental Media Design Brief.

Title:  Not your property.

I chose this title as it is short, punchy and to the point.

Format:  The article will be written on a mannequin with markers and paint.

The final design:  I will present my avant garde article on a mannequin. The article is about the present day feminism and why it has come about, venturing into how religion played a role in creating a patriarchal society. The mannequin will be covered in writing, its left side masculine font and based on how religion created a patriarchal society, with quotes from the Bible that indicate this. The right hand side will be in a feminine font and will be about why feminism is necessary and quotes from the sacred feminine teachings. She will also have a tattoo on her based on the lyrics of James Brown-“This is a man’s world”as a bit of irony.

Voice:  The voice of my article whilst being intellectual will be informal as it is an artistic piece and I want the article to match its format and interest the readers. I want to keep the sentences from being lengthy and yet keep them well- structured and comprehensible.

Target Audience: My target audience will be British Females, aged 17 to 25 that are middle/working class that are also sometimes creative and artistic. The primary target audience will have a socio-economic status of B-C whilst my secondary target audience is more broad ranging from B-D and includes males and females of an older demographic. This is because I want my piece to appeal to a mainstream audience as I feel this is a topic that should be shared and spoken by a wide range of people, the theme is topical to societies shift at the moment. My primary target is more specific and are the type of woman that I would like to read this and due to my voice in the article would be most likely to read the article. I want them to read the article as it is when they are old enough to understand the concepts being spoken about and young  enough to be the change woman need.

Inspirations: The current feminist movement in society as I feel their message is powerful and that there is truth to what is being said. My other inspirations are The Da Vinci Code and their talk of the sacred feminine and some feminist avant grade artwork that gave me the idea of using a mannequin. I love art, I love to paint and doodle. This avant grade article has given me the platform to do so.


(Photo credit: Jordan Hanz)

Potential Problems: Feminism is a big movement in society and me putting my opinion out there is scary as I have never written about it and don’t want to only receive negative feedback about it being weak and boring. Other potential problems may be getting the writing onto my mannequin as it is plastic.

Overall Goal: To inspire and inform about modern feminism movements and the history behind gender equality.


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