Same-sex marriage

Survey Q&A

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This is the survey I conducted as Primary research for my Independent Media Article. I sent this survey out on the 24th of November on my personal FaceBook Account. From my results I am able to conclude that the majority of my responses were by white females between the ages of 18 and 24 however the responses are more widely spread out with responses from older age groups and other ethnicities. I have read through the responses and same-sex marriage and family members or friends coming out are all things that would be supported and not judged. However it is felt that the media don’t represent gay people accurately and mostly stick to the stereotype of a gay man being feminine and a drama queen. This has helped me in the process of researching as it’s shown me how more accepting society/youth of today can be and highlighted the past injustices which is exactly what i wanted to address in my article. Although another topic would be whether religious institutions should have to hold these marriages on their premises or not, my survey responses are pro allowing it but my own opinion is still not set and i plan to explore and let the question hang in my article.


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