Characteristics and Context in Media and Communication.

Of Gods and Men

I have conducted my research into codes and conventions, my secondary research for each article and mapped out my ideas. I have completed three surveys for my articles. I need to upload each survey and summarise the findings for each. Next I will create a mood board for my mainstream and Independent articles publications and i will analyse the typeface, mast headings and things like content and layout. I will then decide on my font for each article and provide a summary for each font chosen.

I will then research into the demographics and the audience profile for my independent and mainstream article and decide how to apply this knowledge in each article.

Once completed I can develop my articles by the means of drafts and evaluating the drafts until I come to my final piece. I will design each articles layout and provide images and diaries on the process.

When the final pieces are complete, so I will do the evaluations for each piece and the over-all evaluation.

My deadline is the 27th of November.


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