The Imitation Game.

Morten Tyldum’s – Imitation Game is based on the life of Alan Turing, a mathematician (played excellently by Benedict Cumberbatch). The movie is based on his younger life growing up as a lonely misunderstood genius, his fight to crack the German’s Enigma machine in the second world war and then onto a few years after the war where he is being investigated for indecency.

I watched this movie as a part of my research for my independent article at college, which I have decided to base on the history of homosexual people and their injustices. The movie was brilliant, it constantly had me in tears at the injustices he went through.

I felt that the director produced a movie that fit perfectly with the time period it depicts. The mise en scene in this movie I found simple and accurate in showing us a pre and post war Britain. The props such as the machine “Christopher”, looked great on screen and along with the costumes of the characters and the sets other various props all added to making the film feel authentic and helped to really get the message across toward the end of the movie. The editing was planned out and paced well in the sense that it as not fancy nor was it so slow that i got bored, instead I watched the movie with my full attention and all my emotions been thrown about the place.

It is a biopic film based on Alan Turing, a gay man whose machine helped save his country during the war and then forced to take hormonal altering pills to ‘cure’ his being gay. he committed suicide a year after taking the medication and his machine is known as the grandfather of computers. it was only in 2013 that he received a royal pardon from Her Majesty, The Queen.

I found his story remarkable and him, just as remarkable. I added the pictures below to show how well the film portrays its dates and locations and just how realistic and genuine the characters looked.






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